node-tls-proxy ―― 在Node.js上架设一个HTTP [S]代理路由所有HTTP流量安全地访问外部网络


A HTTPS proxy to route all HTTP traffic securely to the external network (based on node.js)

The general idea is mentioned here: Using HTTPS for all browsing

To get started:

  1. Copy remote-proxy.js to a remote machine that you trust to not be packet sniffed by anyone.
  2. Start it by typing "node remote-proxy.js"
  3. Run local-proxy.js on your machine by typing: "node local-proxy.js �remote=REMOTE_PROXY_HOST_NAME_OR_IP"
  4. Go to Firefox/Chrome (or whatever your browser is) and set ONLY the HTTP proxy to localhost port 8080.
  5. DO NOT set any other proxy (even HTTPS) to localhost port 8080.
  6. DO NOT forget to replace the SSL keys with your own (self generated keys that is)
  7. That's it. All traffic from your machine is now secure from local packet sniffers.

A thread on reddit praising/bashing the idea/app. Use this to comment.


下载地址:提供免费测试的 nodejs主机,我申请过一个,申请比较麻烦,要在Linux系统下用命令申请邀请码(我等了一个星期才收到),然后申请主机,还要生成私钥来认证 ssh登陆,总之申请到后发现可以ssh隧道转发代理翻墙,不过过了一段时间由于没有部署应用被删除了,那个应用部署我按照说明都不成功,太笨了。