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The 7 Traits of Quota-Crushing Sales Pros -
The traits that make your top sales person so productive probably don’t make him a great team member. Here are 4 ways to handle your super...
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Give a thumbs up to any page on the web - Next at Microsoft - Site Home - TechNet Blogs -
Last month, Bing continued with their deep integration of Facebook in to search results. We’re headed to a world where my search results will look different to yours – and they should, as search becomes more personal....
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Splunk wants to webify big data -
IT analytics company Splunk has received a patent for its method of organizing and presenting big data to mirror the experience of browsing links on the web. Splunk wants users to think about big data like a web problem and not...
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Unstructured data: the elephant in the Big Data room -
Unstructured data is still ungovernable, a new survey finds. But enterprises are going to have to reckon with new forms of information in its many...
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Steve Jobs Is Building A Giant Spaceship In California -
It's magical.
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