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Sorry HTML 5, mobile apps are used more than the web -
HTML 5 and the mobile web is supposed to be the great unifier across platforms, but we might not need such a solution. For the first time ever, Flurry Analytics says people are using apps more than they're using the mobile web...
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A Camera That Could Care Less About Focus: Introducing Lytro -
Dr. Ren Ng, a Stanford Ph.D, is preparing to launch a camera that captures all the information possible about the field of light it sees.
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RIM: You’re Done Here -
Research In Motion is done. They'll be bought in the next year or so, their products will roll into whoever buys them - Microsoft, most probably - and they'll go the way of Nokia, Danger, and countless other mobile platforms....
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MSDN Blogs -
Today we're pleased to announce a change in pricing for the Windows Azure platform that will provide significant cost savings for customers whose cloud applications experience substantial inbound traffic, and customers interested...
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Structure 2011 Live Coverage -
After years of debating what cloud computing really is, we're finally starting to get a clearer picture. Today and tomorrow at Structure 2011, we'll look at how the cloud landscape is shaping up. Click here to watch the live...
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