Internet Free Expression Alliance

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IFEA Mission

The Internet Free Expression Alliance will work to:

* Ensure the continuation of the Internet as a forum for open, diverse and unimpeded expression and to maintain the vital role the Internet plays in providing an efficient and democratic means of distributing information around the world;

* Promote openness and encourage informed public debate and discussion of proposals to rate and/or filter online content;

* Identify new threats to free expression and First Amendment values on the Internet, whether legal or technological;

* Oppose any governmental effort to promote, coerce or mandate the rating or filtering of online content;

* Protect the free speech and expression rights of both the speaker and the audience in the interactive online environment;

* Ensure that Internet speakers are able to reach the broadest possible interested audience and that Internet listeners are able to access all material of interest to them;

* Closely examine technical proposals to create filtering architectures and oppose approaches that conceal the filtering criteria employed, or irreparably damage the unique character of the Internet; and

* Encourage approaches that highlight "recommended" Internet content, rather than those that restrict access to materials labelled as "harmful" or otherwise objectionable, and emphasize that any rating that exists solely to allow specific content to be blocked from view may inhibit the flow of free expression.