Free Fouad Al-Farhan


On December 10, one of the Arab world's top bloggers was arrested by the Saudi Interior Ministry. Fouad Al-Farhan, age 32, is the godfather of Saudi blogging. He was among the first Saudis to blog under his real name and has been an outspoken voice for nonviolent reform.

A successful hi-tech entrepreneur, Fouad was arrested at his office and his computers seized. He was detained after refusing to apologize for blog posts criticizing Saudi officials. Fouad remains held in an undisclosed location.

A father of two, Fouad advocates for greater openness in Saudi Arabia, hoping to build a better future for his young children. Join with free-speech advocates around the world and send a letter (you can edit the text below) to Saudi and American officials.

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  • Prince Saud Al-Faisal, Saudi Foreign Affairs Minister
  • Adel Al-Jubair, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the US
  • Nicholas Burns, US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs
  • Ford Fraker, US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia