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You can help blogger and journalist Abdel-Monem Mahmoud by displaying one of these banners or badges on your site.

Quote Randomizer:

This badge will allow the script to display random Monem’s quotes on your website like this way:

Copy the following HTML code and paste it in your blog’s code:
Copiez collez ce bout de code HTML sur votre blog:
قم بنسخ و إلصاق هذا الجزء من لغة البرمجة على مدوّنتك:

“Monem Article 19 poster” for the World Press Freedom Day:

Monem Article 19
Monem Article 19 poster (1074×794)
Monem Article 19 small version (522×397)

“Free Monem” Site Banner:

Monem Article 19
Site Banner

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