Access blocked sites anywhere with UltraSurf

作者:Anthony Glyadchenko 来源:Cool Things for Computers

Originally made for Internet users in countries such as China with nationwide firewalls, UltraSurf allows you to be able to go to blocked sites even if a proxy or firewall blocks them.

The feature
that makes this software unique is that unlike Tor, UltraSurf is fast and easy to use. Also it uses a high encryption standard, so you can rest assured that your web usage is secure.

Also UltraSurf integrates itself to Internet Explorer, so in most cases, you will not need to change any Internet Explorer settings.
If using Firefox, configuring it involves changing the browser proxy settings as follows:

  • Tools - Options… - Advanced - Network tab - Connection Settings button
  • Choose Manual Proxy Configuration
  • For HTTP Proxy, type in and for Port, type in 9666
  • Put a check on “Use this proxy server for all protocols”
  • Click OK

UltraSurf is a standalone program (in other words, no install is required). This means that it can run off of USB drives and and also under limited user accounts, so it’s great for those who are in areas with overconfigured overreacting proxies.

UltraSurf Product Page