Demonstration against Internet censorship


Demonstration against Internet censorship

Thank you!

A big thank you to all those who participated. Without you the demonstration wouldn't have been as good as it was! A special thank you to all those who actively helped organising, no matter how big or small the contribution was. Also thank you to all our invited speakers and co-operation partners!

What's next?

We'll be back very soon. It's however clear that not all cards have been played yet.


The National Bureau of Investigation, a Finnish law enforcement agency, is censoring the Internet from Finnish citizens, using the blocking of child pornography sites as an excuse. The NBI maintains a secret list of sites which Internet Service Providers are then encouraged to block voluntarily. It has been also suggested that should these voluntary countermeasures not be implemented widely, the censorship would be made mandatory by law.

This practice of preventive censorship violates section 12 of the Constitution of Finland. Furthermore, as there is no judicial oversight, law enforcement is given autonomy that violates the principles of constitutional democracy. The secrecy of the censorship process is also contrary to the ideal of government transparency.

The Police have already abused their covert authority by censoring sites that do not contain child pornography, including a Finnish site criticizing this specific implementation of censorship.

Blocking sites will not prevent the abuse of children or the distribution of child pornography. It merely puts the problem out of sight.

Our demands are as follows:

  • The blocking of Internet traffic must be ceased, as it does not serve its purpose, is unconstitutional and violates Freedom of Speech.
  • The Police are to take measures to properly shut down sites that distribute child pornography.

Press Contacts

Anton Tamminen (, phone: +358 40 823 6807, after 10 AM GMT)

Kaj Sotala (, phone: +358 40 824 9335)