Censorship protest

来源:Bega District News

THE Chinese government’s internet censorship policy is the subject of a protest campaign by the international human rights group Amnesty International.

The campaign took on a local face last Thursday when the Canberra based Amnesty International Australia (AIA) set up a stand in Bega’s Littleton garden.

The stand took the form of a brick wall look-a-like with the appropriate title of the Great Firewall of China.

As a symbolic gesture of support for the removal of China’s internet censorship, people were invited to remove a brick from the mock wall before signing a specially designed petition card located in the resulting hole.

Campaigner Bede Carmody said, “Our aim is to raise public awareness of the problem.

“The censorship is actively assisted by global technology companies, which in order to be able to operate in China, have signed a pledge with the Chinese government that they would comply with the censorship rules.

“This has resulted in chat rooms being monitored, Blogs being deleted, restrictions on search engines, blocked websites, search results being re-routed and people being gaoled for sending emails or posting blogs.”

After leaving Bega the stand was set up in Batemans Bay on Friday, Moruya on Saturday and the Candelo Markets on Sunday.

Anyone wanting to support the campaign by signing the China pledge can do so on line on www.uncensor.com.au