7 best tools to circumvent internet censorship

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So, Finally here is much awaited post that everybody asked for ever since I posted on this topic, I’ve found seven best ways to circumvent censorship currently working apart from various proxy sites whose life span is like of fly. I’ll try to be very brief cause if i’m going to explain each of them then it’ll become my longest post of my life and also 1st four tools are more or less uses same technique as last three shares some similarities. I’m also providing download links some of them are directly from their main sites and some of them are alternative download links.

1) GPass

GPass wraps the network traffic of your Internet applications in various formats and tunnels the wrapped packets through various dynamic channels to its servers. The GPass servers unwrap the packets and forward them to their destination on your behalf, yet they hide your identity (i.e., IP address). (Source Main Site)

GPass is free for personal use within selected countries where unjust Internet jamming is prevalent.

Official Site - www.gpass1.com

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2) Free Gate

FreeGate is a software utility that enables Chinese and Iranian surfers to view websites banned by their government. Freegate has 200,000 users, Dynamic Internet Technology (DIT), its developer, estimates.

How freegate works

“The software takes advantage of a range of proxy servers assigned to changeable internet addresses, which allows users in China access to sites banned by the Chinese government. The program exploits open proxies, which allow users to penetrate firewalls used to block web sites” - (Source Wikipedia.com)

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3) GTunnel

Garden is a breakthrough of the blockade weapon developed by gardennetworks team, it can help you visit more sites, the best of the outside world to see! (Source Main Site)

Official Site - www.gardennetworks.com

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4) Ultra Surf

It is the flagship software product from UltraReach Internet Corp. for Internet anti-censorship. It enables users inside countries with heavy Internet censorship to visit any public web sites in the world safely and freely. it enables users to browse any website freely just the same as using the regular IE browser while it automatically searches the highest speed proxy servers in the background. (Source Main Site)

Official Site - www.ultrareach.com / www.wujie.net

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5) Psiphon

Researchers at University of Toronto introduced a software tool on Friday, December 1, 2006 that aims to help people in countries that censor the World Wide Web. Psiphon (pronounced sigh-fawn), a web-based utility, lets individuals in a country that censors the internet sign on to a server that gives them secure access to web pages anywhere, bypassing government restrictions.(Source Main Site)

Official Site - http://psiphon.civisec.org

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6) Freenet

Freenet is free software which lets you publish and obtain information on the Internet without fear of censorship. To achieve this freedom, the network is entirely decentralized and publishers and consumers of information are anonymous. Without anonymity there can never be true freedom of speech, and without decentralization the network will be vulnerable to attack. (Source Main Site)

Official Site - http://freenetproject.org

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7) Tor

“Tor (The Onion Router) is a free software implementation of second-generation onion routing – a system enabling its users to communicate anonymously on the Internet. Originally sponsored by the US Naval Research Laboratory, Tor became an Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) project in late 2004. The EFF supported Tor financially until November 2005, and continues to provide web hosting for the project.” – (Source Wikipedia.com)

Official Site - www.torproject.org

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Well, I found Tor and Psiphon a lil complicated to use but other four tools are really great tool in breakthrough to circumvent gowing internet censorship.

Update[13.02.2008] - Wow this list is getting hot coz someone has digged it on digg.com and another guy BURIED it with claim of Duplicate content. but i didn’t knew it was a duplicate one as long as i didn’t went through the link that he has provided with following info

citizenlab.org — This guide, which is intended for the non-technical user, provides tips and strategies on how to by-pass content filters worldwide. Whereas once it was assumed that states could not control Internet communications, according to research by the OpenNet Initiative (www.opennet.net) more than 25 countries now engage in Internet censorship practice.” (there is correction now there is more than 31 countries - by me :) )

Here is link of full article in PDF format, here again i’ll provide two links one with the original and another alternative one as i wanted to read it by people from censored country as well.

  1. Article Download Link 1
  2. Article Download Link2
  3. Article Download Link 3

(currently article is available in engliash but soon it’ll be available in -French, Spanish, Burmese, Russian and Urdu keep looking at this section)

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