SSH tunneling with Tunnelier

作者: Michael 来源:extjs.pilotwarezhk

There’s usually 2 situations you want to use a SSH Tunnel to bypass firewalls, it would be either your company blocked some of the ports, so that you can’t waste your working hours on MSN, facebook, etc. The other would be people like me, working in China.

The notorious GFW (Great Firewall of China, or the Golden Shield Project) blocks access to numerous websites from China, e.g. BBC news (the Chinese version is still blocked), many Hong Kong media’s website, etc. To bypass this, there’re couple ways to do so, according to, here’re some methods:

  1. Using a proxy server outside China
  2. Onion routing, such as Tor
  3. Freegate, a program that takes advantage of a number of open proxies for bypassing firewalls
  4. A VPN (virtual private network) connections, since the GFW cannot filter secure traffic

And between these methods, I prefer number 4. The reason is, my company have servers located in HK and US, which is bascially free, as long as I still work for this company.

Many sites tells you to use OpenSSH and Putty to do the trick, however, personally, I prefer Tunnelier. In my opinion, Tunnelier is more powerful and easier to set up.

First, you need to go to Bitvise to download a copy of Tunnelier, which is free for personal use, and install it on your PC.

Then you just need to put in the information, the server IP, login information, etc.

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Then, change the settings in Services tab:

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Finally, you just need to change the settings in your browsers, e.g. Firefox, and set the proxy to, or see the image below:

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Now you’re pretty much good to go, enjoy your secure, internet freedom now.