Blacklisted keywords for GET requests discovered by ConceptDoppler as of 18 June 2008



Blacklisted keywords for GET requests discovered by ConceptDoppler as of 18 June 2008.

Note: this is an incomplete snapshot of the keywords for GET requests in one place at one time (the route between and during May 2008). There may be different lists used for HTML responses, particular blogs and forums, search engines, etc., different blacklists may be used in different parts of the country, and some blacklists may change on a daily basis.

Source: ConceptDoppler project, University of New Mexico and University of California at Davis. Translations by Bryan Cheng.



上海帮 Shanghai clique. The name is given to an informal group of officials in the Communist Party of China, especially those who serve in the central government of China and rise to prominence in connection to the Shanghai municipal administration under former President Jiang Zemin. It also includes other former subordinates of Jiang.
世界经济导报 World Economic Herald, a newspaper founded in 1980 and focused on economic reform in China. In 1989, it refused the demand of the Chinese government to practice self-censorship on an article "In memory of comrade Hu Yaobang" and was banned. This ban played an important role in Tiananmen Square protest that year later.
东南西北论谈 east south west north forum, an Internet forum.
东土耳其斯坦 East Turkistan, what XinJiang Independence activists use to refer to Xin Jiang.
东方红时空 Oriental Red Space Time, a politically controversial musical made by CCTV that can be found on YouTube. The lyrics are a parody of a traditional song praising Mao.
严家其 Yan Jiaqi, a Chinese political scientist, now a dissident and federalist.
中宣部 Chinese Central Propaganda Department
京之春 The original term that is blocked should be 北京之春, which means Beijing Spring. It is a brief period of political liberalization in China in 1977-78. 京之春 are the last three characters of that term. (
人民之声论坛 Voice of the People forum
人民报 renminbao, or People News, a paper published by Falungong supporters. It has nothing to do with People Daily (or renminzibao), which is published by the Chinese government.
佛展千 Buddha stretches a thousand hands. It is a set of postures performed by Falungong practitioners, and it is believed by them that these postures can help absorb the "energy" of the universe and balance the "energy" inside the body. (
使徒信心会 The Apostolic Faith Mission of Portland, Oregon, U.S.
八九 eighty-nine, the year when the Tiananmen Square Protest occurred.
六四 June 4th, the date when the Tiananmen Square Protest occurred.
刘宾雁 Liu Binyan, a Chinese author and journalist, as well as a political dissident.
刘晓波 Liu Xiaobo, an intellectual and human rights activist in China.
动态 the first two characters of dongtaiwang, a website founded by Falungong practitioners.
十轮十 Falungong. The original term consists of three characters, 法轮功, and is blocked. In order to evade censorship, Chinese Internet users insert two more characters (both of them mean the number "ten") to separate the original three characters, and turn them into 法十轮十功. This is soon blocked too. 十轮十 only show the middle part of this term.
华夏文摘 China News Digest, an online Chinese news wesite.
华岳时事 Huayue current affairs forum, an Internet forum.
华通时事 Huatong current affairs forum, an Internet forum.
南大自由论坛 Freedom Forum of Nanjing University
博讯 Boxun, an Internet news website.
反社会 anti-society
反腐败论坛 anti-corruption forum
发沦 falun, another form to write falungong.
台湾建国运动组织 organization of Taiwan country founding movement
台湾政论区 Taiwan politics zone, an Internet forum.
台湾青年独立联盟 Independence Union of Taiwanese Youth, an organization founded in Japan in 1965 advocating Taiwan Independence.
善恶有报 kindness and evil will be repaid. A better translation should be "you reap what you sow".
回民暴 Hui people riot, or Muslims riot. There are many Muslims living in the northwestern region of China.
图书馆新馆 New building of the library.
地下教会 underground church
坡利内 the first three characters of 坡利内西, Polynices, a figure in greek mythology that is associated with anarchism.
外交与方略 Diplomacy and Strategy. It is an Internet forum.
多维 Multi-dimensional (, a Chinese news website outside China.
大中华论坛 greater china forum
大众真人真事 everybody true person and event
大参考 Big reference. An Internet magazine published by a Chinese dissident, 李洪宽, who lives in the US now. The magazine has ceased publication. It was sent to the readers through free emails. This person, 李洪宽, attended Tiananmen Square protest in 1989.
大纪园 Epoch Times, a newspaper funded by Falungong.
天安门事件 Tiananmen Incident, aka Tiananmen Square protest. It happened on June 4, 1989. (
天葬 sky burial, a special ritual practiced by Tibetans (
太子党 crown prince party, the descendants of prominent and influential senior communist party members in China.
学联 Student Federation.
学自联 The Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars. It was founded in 1989 by Chinese students in the US and promotes democracy in China.
学运 Student movement
封从德 Feng Congde, one of the student leaders in Tiananmen Square protest in 1989.
左派公� Left-wing Union, a pro communism organization in Hong Kong.
延安整� Yan'an Rectification Movement (
开放杂志 a political magazine published in Hong Kong. It mainly covers topics about democracy and modern history of China.
异见人士 Dissident
异议人士 Political dissident
彭小枫 Peng Xiaofeng (anti-Japanese advocate), a general of the People's Liberation Army of China.
志绥 Li Zhisui was Mao Zedong's personal physician. He wrote a biography of his experience with Mao titled "The Private Life of Chairman Mao" after immigrating to the U.S. 志绥 is Li Zhisui's first name.
我的奋斗 Mein Kampf (My Struggle) by Adolf Hitler.
抗战纪念方尖碑 A monument for China-Japan war between 1937-1945. It is in the Hulan province.
文字狱 censorship jail
新唐人 New Tang Dynasty, a nonprofit Chinese language television broadcaster based in New York City. It is founded by Falungong practitioners.
新疆独立 Xinjiang independence movement. Xinjiang is a province in the north-western part of China. Most of the residents there are Muslims.
新语丝 New Threads, a news website hosted outside China.
新闻封锁 News blackout
无界 the first two characters of �界��, no-limit browser, a software which can penetrate the Great Firewall of China.
明慧 Ming Hui, the official website of Falungong
曹长青 Cao Changqing, a democratic activist in China. He lives in the US now.
木子论坛 Muzi forum, an Internet forum
木犀地 Muxidi, a blog website hosted outside China.
李洪宽 Li Hong Kuan , a dissident who published "Big Reference." (Please refer to the previous entry)
柴玲 Chai Ling, one of the student leaders in the Tiananmen Square protest in 1989.
正念 positive thoughts, a posture practiced in Falungong (
母亲运动 the full term is 天安门母亲运动, Tiananmen Mothers Movement. The Tiananmen Mohters is a group of Chinese democratic activists promoting a change in the government's position over the suppression of the Tiananmen Square protest in 1989.
民联 Democratic Alliance
民运 democracy movement
民进党 Democratic Progressive Party, one of the two main political parties in Taiwan. It is pro Taiwan Independence.
江泽民 Jiang Zemin, president of China from 1993 to 2003.
河殇 River Elegy, an early Chinese TV series shown on CCTV in the late 1980s. The documentary announcing the death of traditional Chinese civilization was extremely controversial. A book under the same name was later published outside China.
法会 congregation of Falungong practitioners.
法十轮 fa+lun(+gong)
法抡 falun
法沦 falun, another way to write Falungong (the first two characters).
法谪 fazhe, another form for Falungong.
洗脑 brain wash
洪哲胜 Hong Zhesheng, a main participant of Taiwan Independence Movement
浏览 the last two characters of 无界浏览, no-limit browser, a software which can penetrate the Great Firewall of China.
炳章 first name of 王炳章 (Wang Bingzhang), a political activist and a founder of two Chinese pro-democracy movements.
热站政论网 hot political forum
独立台湾会 independent Taiwan society, a pro Taiwan independence organization.
王丹 Wang Dan, one of the student leaders in the Tiananmen Square Protest in 1989.
王文怡 Wang Wenyi, a journalist working for The Epoch Times. She is known for having confronted President Jiang Zemin in Republic of Malta in 2001, and arrested for heckling President Hu Jintao in Washington DC in 2006.
王斌余 Wang Binyu, a Chinese migrant labor executed for murder in China in 2005. He stabbed four people to death, including his employer and employer's family for the employer withheld the salary which Wang needed to pay for his father's operation.
疆独立 the last three characters of 新疆独立 , Xinjiang independence movement
盛雪 Sheng Xue, a supporter of Tiananmen Square protest. She lives in Canada now.
看中国 watching China, an Internet news website
积克馆 jikeguan, a Hong Kong based website that honors the Tiananmen Square protest in 1989.
纪元 the last two characters of dajiyuan (Epoch times)
经文 Scripture. The original term that the Chinese government intends to block is probably 新经文, new scripture. 新�文 means the articles written by the Master of Falungong.
网软 the middle two characters of 破网软件, software that penetrates Internet censorship.
罗礼诗 Luo Lishi, one of the leaders in The Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars. This organization advocates democracy in China.
美国之音 Voice of America, the official external radio and television broadcasting service of the US government.
群体灭绝 Genocide
老人政治 gerontocracy
自由亚洲 Radio Free Asia (RFA), a private radio station funded by the US congress that broadcasts in nine Asian languages.
色情 eroticism
花园网 an IT company that focused on developing software to penetrate Internet censorship.
花花公子 playboy magazine
苏绍智 Su Shaozhi, a Chinese scholar and also a democratic activist. He lives in exile in the states now.
范围教会 the last four characters of全范围教会, a religion that is categorized as a cult by the Chinese government and is oppressed.
藏独 Tibetan independence
赵紫阳 Zhao Ziyang. He was Premier of the People's Republic of China from 1980 to 1987, and General Secretary of the Communist Party of China from 1987 to 1989. As a high-ranking government official, he was a leading reformer who implemented market reforms that greatly increased production and sought measures to streamline the bloated bureaucracy and fight corruption. Once slated as Deng Xiaoping's successor, Zhao Ziyang was purged for his sympathetic stance toward the student demonstrators in the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 and spent the last fifteen years of his life under house arrest. (
轮功 (Fa)lungong
轮十功 (fa+) lun+gong
轮大法 Falun Dafa, one of the ways to write Falungong.
轻舟快讯 Qingzhou newsletter
迪里夏提 Dilixiati, the main figure behind Xinjiang Independence Movement.
迫害 Persecution
邓力群 Deng Liqun, former propagandist of the Chinese communist party. He is pro-Mao and considered too conservative by the present government in China.
邓飞黄 Deng Fehan, 1895-1953, the brother of Deng Liqun.
酷刑 Brutal torture
钓鱼岛 diaoyu island, a tiny island (about 4.3 square kilometers) south to Okinawa, Japan. Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese governments all claim the sovereignty over the island. It is controlled by Japan now.
Literally means door.
陈一谘 Chen Yizi was the chair of Institute of Economic reform in China, and was also Zhao Ziyang's brain trust when Zhao was in office. He lives in New York now.
青天白日旗 blue sky white sun flag, the party flag of Kuomintang (KMT). KMT is one of the two main parties in Taiwan.
须旗帜鲜明地反对动 Take a Clear Stand To Oppose Turmoil (April 26th, 1989 editorial in the People's Daily)
饿鬼:中国的秘密饥荒 Hungry ghost: China's secret famine. This book tells the story of a famine between 1958 and 1962 that killed over 30 million people in China.
香港自由党 Hong Kong Liberal Party, a liberal conservative party in Hong Kong. The party is known for its conservative and business-friendly policies.
马三家 Ma Sanjia, a correction center which imprisons Falungong practitioners. There are rumors about the inmates being abused to death and their organs being sold on the black market.
高文谦 Gao Wenqian, he was a government official in China and lost his job for supporting the students in the Tiananmen Square Protest in 1989. He also praises Falungong. Gao lives in New York now.
高瞻 Gao Zhan, she was arrested for smuggling 80486 computer chips to China.
高自联 university autonomous association, an organization founded by the students in Tiananmen Square protest in 1989.
魏京生 Wei Jingsheng, an activist in the Chinese democracy movement.
鲍彤 Bao Tong, former director of the Office of Political Reform of the CPC Central Committee and the Policy Secretary of Zhao Ziyang.
鸡毛信文汇 chicken feather letter information collection, an Internet news forum that has apparently been shut down. Chicken feather letters are an ancient form of code that women taught to their daughters but not to their sons so that women could communicate in a society in which they were repressed. That a letter was in code was signaled by wrapping a chicken feather in the scroll.
黄祸 yellow peril (
黎安友 Andrew James Nathan, a professor in the political science department in Columbia University. He is a sinologist. He wrote a number of books about politics, society, and democracy in China.

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