A few ways to Twitter from behind China's GFW


So most of you know that Twitter and Facebook are blocked in China. However, for those unable or unwilling to use proxies or VPNs to get
on these sites, there are some alternatives.

1. Brizzly. Located at Brizzly.com, this site allows you to add multiple twitter accounts as well as your Facebook stream, and its all within the same site. If you don't want to open the site up you can also install the Brizzly extension in Google's Chrome browser--if that you have the version of the browser (which is 4.0 something) that supports installing extensions. Although as of Jan 6 the OS X version of Chrome supports extension, I'm not sure how well the Brizzly extension works on the mac version. The extension offers full functionality--replies, direct messages, etc etc.

2. Twitlet.com. This bookmarklet can be added to the bookmark bar of any browser, and when summoned will pop up and let you tweet. You just
add #link or #this hashtags to include the URl of the page you're on at the time.

3. Posterous. Posterous itself is blocked, but if you manage to set it up from a VPN or proxy, you can continue to use it to update facebook
and twitter (as well as blogs, flickr, etc) from your email. So even if proxies or VPN might not always be accessible or convenient, you'll
still have your email to fall back on.

4. AIM. Both the Windows and Mac versions of the AIM messenger support Lifestream. Again, setting it up might entail having some proxy or VPN(not sure about this....) once you get it all set up, you can view your Twitter and Facebook streams from within this instant messaging
service. Unlike Digsby (for Windows) or Adium (for Mac OS X), which both have twitter integration, AIM's twitter feed won't get blocked
from behind the GFW. What's more is that you have comment functionality on AIM, but for RTing you'll have to copy and paste, and
there is no DM (direct message) function.

5. Zuosa.com. This is one of the few microblogging sites to survive the Chinese government Inquisition, and one of its functions is
tethering your Zuosa and Twitter accounts. What's nice about Zuosa is that it supports updating via IM, so you can use Zuosa Bots w/ your
MSN as well as Gmail accounts. I usually have at least one of those open, so it's a good way of updating on the fly. Zuosa also supports
updates via SMS, so if you are in China and tether your phone up you can send updates to Zuosa for the price of an SMS, and have that
update your Twitter at the same time.

6. There are some mirror sites out there, like that Korean twitter whose URL i don't remember. Sure you can't read Korean but that's what
Google Translate is for, though really you can guess quite easily where and what everything is.

That's all I can think of for now. If you can think of anything else that you can use to update Twitter, no VPN or proxy needed, let
me--and everyone else in China--know!

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