iOS: Setting up VPN 翻墙 using University Network


Recently, I discovered a way to access restricted websites using VPN through university network. If you are uni. student, you may able to set up this to access any restricted websites. For example, using Facebook and Gmail in China.

What is VPN:

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used within organizations to allow you to communicate private information securely over a public network. VPN works over both Wi-Fi and cellular data network connections.


Now, I am going to teach you the basic setup on how to configure your iOS device to use VPN. To learn how iOS integrates seamlessly into enterprise environments, see this overview of deployment scenarios and device configuration (official Apple website).

Configure VPN

Step1: Choose Settings > General > Network > VPN and then choose Add VPN Configuration.

Step 2: Fill in the Username and Password and the Server address (Please ask your university for server address).

Step 3: If your university required a Proxy setting, press AUTO > fill in the Uni. Proxy address.

Step 4: Press the Save Connect button and within a few seconds you’ll be connected to the VPN and all your traffic will be going through university server.


Then Enjoy Your Freedom !


Note: If you use multiple VPN configurations, you can switch between configurations using Settings > General > Network > VPN.


Site note: The information is only for someone who has right to access through uni. network. Not responsible for other purposes.


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