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LexisNexis open sources its Hadoop killer -
LexisNexis is releasing a set of open source data-processing tools that it says outperforms Hadoop and even handles workloads that Hadoop presently cannot. There have been calls for a legitimate alternative to Hadoop, and this...
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Pandora Opens At $20 Per Share With A Market Cap Of $3.2 Billion -
Yesterday, music streaming service Pandora priced its IPO at $16 per share (valuing the company at $2.6 billion). The company originally set the range of its IPO at $7 to $9 per share, at a market cap of $1.3 billion; but...
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The 6 hottest new jobs in IT -
Enterprise technology is getting more social, more business-focused, and more obsessed with the cloud. Here are six opportunities worth...
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The Journey of a Startup in India -
Gurpawan Mand's fixation with the television show 'Junkyard Wars' inspired him to build small electric units using scrap and these kits are used to teach students physics. His company, CoolJunk, is looking for capital and was...
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Insiders Tell The Story Of LinkedIn's Stunning Success -
From early days to the rocket-launch IPO, insiders tell their stories.
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