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CHART OF THE DAY: Android Is Blowing Everyone Away -
Only Apple has managed to hold on even a little bit.
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Google Hires Microsoft Product Veteran Sanaz Ahari -
Sanaz Ahari, who at 23 was the youngest lead product manager in Microsoft history, has left Microsoft after seven and a half years. Her last job was the Principal Group Program Manager for Bing, and she was part of Brian...
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Safe-deposit box SaaS -
To insist on a private SaaS instance dedicated just for your own use is exactly the same as going to deposit your money in a bank but insisting the...
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BREAKING: Facebook Reveals Video Chat Powered by Skype -
Facebook video chat is real: the social network has unveiled its rumored video chat product, powered by Skype.The new chat product, according to Facebook's blog, will allow users to call their...
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Are companies addicted to Hadoop? -
The size of Hadoop deployments appears to have tripled since October, according to statistics that Cloudera is sharing. If accurate, they help prove assumptions that Hadoop usage grows fast once organizations wrap their heads...
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