Another way to beat The GFW - tunnel out with your own secure proxy server

From ScRambler Blog

Quite a lot has been written recently on how to get around the increased restrictions on internet access from China. Yes it sucks, but there's a million or so ways around it. A lot of them use proxies. Unfortunately many are dependent on third-parties, and in particular, unknown third parties. In my mind, if you use open IP lists to gain unencrypted internet access, you're just asking for trouble.

One of the best ways to ensure unrestricted, and anonymous internet access is through the use of virtual private networks. There are a number of commercial solutions that are easy to install on PC, Mac or Unix and really don't cost all that much money. Nonetheless, they do cost money and often have secure web traffic quota restrictions which if you use the web a lot, could cause you some problems.

However if you're like me and want to save a few RMB and already host your own web-site on a Unix-based server you may want to set-up your own secure proxy server through the use of SSH tunnelling. Sounds difficult? Well, it isn't. Thanks to matt-man for hooking me up with this system.