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winevsys1. What is WinEvsys?

WinEvsys is a database system which enables human rights organisations to:
  • Record and manage information collected on human rights violations
  • Analyse the human rights situation and identify trends and patterns of abuse

WinEvsys means "Windows Events System ". It is a Microsoft Access database. Read more in the the WinEvsys factsheet (PDF)

2. The WinEvsys data model

data modelWinEvsys is based on documentation tools developed by HURIDOCS: standard formats and micro-thesauri . These tools:
  • make it possible to structure information on violations using the Events approach: an event contains acts, perpetrators, victims, sources, intervening parties.
  • provide a systematic vocabularies for describing human rights violations, making it possible to share data collected by several organisations for a common analysis.

3. Watch the demonstration videos

videoIn addition to the user manual, we have developed a brand-new series of training videos which will take you through the various parts of the software:

The resolution of these online videos is quite low so they may difficult to follow. We recommend to order our HURITOOLS CDROM because it contains a very high-resolution version of all these videos.

4. How to get WinEvsys

WinEvsys can be downloaded in our tools section. You will need the following:
  • WinEvsys (version and language of your choice)
  • Standard Formats and Micro-Thesauri manuals
  • WinEvsys user manual
Before downloading you will need to register for a username and password. This is easy and takes just seconds - just click here .

5. Get training on human rights documentation using WinEvsys

Your organisation needs training on how to use HURIDOCS documentation tools including WinEvsys?

Please visit our training section to learn how to access training. There are several possibilities: on-site training to professional internships at the HURIDOCS in Versoix.