Authorities block access to yet another independent news website

来源:Reporters Without Borders

Reporters Without Borders condemns the action of the authorities in blocking access to the independent new website YemenPortal ( since 19 January. Access to at least seven other websites have been blocked since October.

“President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s government is having to deal with growing social unrest and a Zaidi uprising but that is no reason to target the media and websites,” the press freedom organisation said. “As it is unable to influence what they post, the government has decided to block independent news websites in order to suppress their criticisms.”

Access to YemenPortal from within Yemen was blocked two days after Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Mujawar and other government officials accused the press on 17 January of “jeopardising the country’s national interest” and “promoting incitement to secession.”

YemenPortal editor Walid Al-Saqaf told Reporters Without Borders he founded the site with the aim of “giving a voice to all of the country’s political tendencies and providing objective and independent news reports.”

The news websites to which the Yemeni authorities have blocked access since October include,,,,, and