“Access Yemen Portal” circumventing software launched!

来源: freeyemenportal.org

Finally, the blockage of YemenPortal.net in Yemen will come to an end for thousands who have been struggling to keep up with the most recent alternative domain.

Inspired by Hamed Saber’s “Access Flickr!”, Walid Al-Saqaf devised a similar program that will only be used to access yemenportal.net from within Yemen. A successful experiment had demonstrated its functionality and its web-based proxy allows it to become a channel to access many more blocked websites.

I am finally breathing a sigh of relief after tense days and weeks following the ban of yemenportal.net… But now with this software, it is possible to bypass the government’s filtering and allow users open access to information, which is one of their fundamental human rights.

Let’s hope that as many people get to know about this new program. It’s currently being checked by Firefox people and experts to allow it to go into the public area of the Add-ons. In the meantime, you can download and use it and send it to your friends and colleagues in Yemen and they are the ones who really need it.

The working links are:
http://mideastyouth.com/accessyp.xpi &

Walid Al-Saqaf

来源: Firefox Add-ons

Access YemenPortal.net! 0.1

by wsaqaf

Circumvents government website censorship of yemenportal.net allowing users in Yemen to access the search engine seamlessly

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Long Description

Allows users to bypass government filtering of yemenportal.net. The website also has a built-in web-based proxy, and hence accessing the website allows access to tens of other banned websites.