Tor-Proxy.NET Toolbar 0.3

来源: Firefox Add-ons

Get Safety and Anonymity by using TOR-Proxy.NET for surfing! Tor-Proxy.NET is a CGI-Web-Proxy, which tunnels your traffic through different anonymization-networks. That way you get high anonymity.

Currently supportet networks:

- TOR (
- JonDos/Jap (

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Long Description

With this toolbar you can access TOR-Proxy.NET directly. Hide your IP and surf anonymously. This Addon creates a new toolbar, where you can enter the address you want to take a look at.

You have the choice between different anonymization-networks. Currently there are:

- TOR ( )
- JonDos/JAP ( )

It is easy to stay anonymous!

With version 0.3 it is now possible to use new server-side features as there are:
- Encryptet URL for bypassing censorship and content filters
- Cookies, javacript and referrer are now already blocked on the server, to improve anonymity! If you need it, it can be activated by hand after you have opened the site.

All in all there are great speed-improvements, especially if you are using JonDos for surfing, which es the default.
Last but not least this Add-on now comes with support for Firefox 3 Beta 2.

If you have questions about Tor-Proxy.NET, take a look at the FAQ at:

Please be aware: There is NO possibility to offer 100 percent anonymity! Neither this add-on nor Tor-Proxy.NET nor any other service in the world can offer that! So please do NOT only use this plugin and forget about everything. Keep informed about known attacks on your anonymity! For example, you should disable JavaScript and Flash, which are a known risk and can unhide your real identity!