Info-Activism Camp: Tools and Tactics for Digital Advocacy

Location: India
Event Date(s): February 19, 2009 - February 25, 2009
Tactical Tech

The OSI-supported Info-Activism Camp will bring together 120 rights advocates from the global South with technologists, designers, and activists for a week-long hands-on workshop to share skills, tools, and tactics in digital advocacy.

Info-Activism is an approach to advocacy that recognizes the artful use of information and communications as a primary tactic in successful advocacy. The camp provides a space for intensive learning and doing, a structured "skill-share" environment for experienced advocates that gives participants the confidence and know-how to leverage the limited resources they have to create greater impact.

During the week, participants will learn how to effectively plan and creatively integrate new technologies in to their advocacy campaigns and create long lasting connections with other advocates and tech-activists using similar techniques.

The camp will give rights advocates the skills, tools, and techniques to use technology to:

  • Gather and analyze independent information and facilitate evidence-based campaigning
  • Create and disseminate targeted, accessible and engaging information for advocacy efforts that have impact and mobilize support
  • Increase participation from affected communities
  • Enable cooperation and coordination with allies
  • Minimize security and privacy vulnerabilities

Applications open in September 2008, and the working language of the workshop will be English.