10 handy tools to bypass GFW

作者:Yee 来源:Ya,I Yee
China is one of the few countries that have internet censorship, and this nation is unofficially "protected" by a mysterious and high-tech system which is called "Great Firewall", or "GFW" by netizens. Just like any other computer firewalls in the world, the GFW system is keep on updating itself everyday and becoming more and more powerful, the few old methods we have introduced before to get through the Wall may not be practical any more. But don't worry, EssencialBlog writes a great list of 10 handy tools to bypass GFW, the article includes independent proxy software, web browser based proxy, google and web based proxy, each of them is quite easy to use and do not require too much technical knowledge.

Chinese origin: 操 GFW 十大简易招式

Tool 1 - GAppProxy

It's very simple and fast, just download GAppProxy, upzip and then set HTTP proxy as 127.0.0:8000 and that's all.

For downloading and detailed introduction, please refer to http://code.google.com/p/gappproxy/

Tool 2 - Go2

Just login Go2 website, key in the web address and, you will be able to slap the GFW.

A shortage of this service is the format of every original url will be changed.

Tool 3 - Tor Browser

A very well known software combination of Tor and firefox, simply download Tor Browser and then double click the onion icon, it will start working immediately.

Inevitably, this heavy tool got 2 shortcomings, one is a new firefox will pop out as soon as it's launched, the other one is it working damn slowly.

Tool 4 - Hotspot Shield

everything about this tool is fine, except too many annoying ADs. For more instruction and downloading, please go to the official website : Hotspot Shield

Tool 5 - Tor + FoxyProxy

Zola has wrote a very detailed tutorial on how to use both of them to get over GFW, but the article is a little too complicated, not as easy as Tor Browser.

Of course, you can directly install Tor and FoxyProxy and do your homework without reading the tutorial.

Tool 6 - Gladder

Only suitable to Firefox users. After installing this addon, go to "View - Toolbars - Customize" find gladder and drag the icon to toolbar, when the ladder is shining means your firefox is ready to bypass GFW.

Addon page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2864

Tool 7 - Wujie

Only works on IE browser, but works very fast.

Download from Box.net, then unzip and double click u94.exe, and that's all for your IE to jailbreak.

Tool 8 - Language tools

Go to the google language tools, paste the URL you want to visit into the "Translate text or webpage" box, choose the language (tanslting between same language is ok), than click "tanslate", done!

Tool 9 - PHProxy

Similar to Tool 2 - Go2, it's another web-based online proxy, visit PHProxy website, input the URL and then "go".

Currently, there is no Ad on PHProxy.

Tool 10 - psiphon2

According to sesawe's introduction, "send a email request to english@sesawe.net, saying 'can I have psiphon2 access' and tell us which country you are in. You will get an email with psiphon2 invitation code". (their English webpage seems is not up-to-date, only provide psiphon 1 in the homepage)