Get the hell,GFW!

I was quite annoyed when some websites are blocked by the GFW. Take for example , such a wonderful blog service provider is not welcome in GFW administrators‘ eyes. Is it really something call "Ban against Freedom of expression"? Whatever, such stupid ban won't stop our pace to explore the World Wide Web.

"Freegate" is a tool which does well in unblocking sites.Though, a great amount of people use it to surf the porn website, forcing the administrator to set up some filters,which indirectly lowers the surfing speed and stability.

Without bullshit, here's a brief introduction of a powerful web-based proxy tool-psiphon2
After sending an email titled"can I have psiphon2 access" to:<>, you will receive a reply containing a registration link.

Click on the link and then fill in the registration form.

Click on the link provided and then start your "Unlimited Web Surfing"
You can also click on"Profile" to view more options

If you're hesitating how to apply for the access,why not leave your email address below? I will send you an invitation as soon as possible.

No porn policy.