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Microsoft unveils Windows 8 -
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Google Places Now Borrowing Yelp Reviews Without Attribution In iPhone App -
Google Places is at it again, brazenly borrowing reviews from Yelp. But this time it's in their iPhone app and they are not even bothering to link back to Yelp or attribute where they are getting the reviews. Yelp and...
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Why MapR Is Right to Give Back to Apache Hadoop -
Big data startup MapR is now an official corporate contributor to the Apache Hadoop project, a somewhat interesting turn of affairs given its corporate mission to lure users away from Apache's Hadoop Distributed File System....
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The Sexiest Programmers Alive! -
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Windows 8 and Its Incredibly Cool New Touch Interface -
So, this is the new Start screen for Windows 8. It's a brand new interface for tablets. It looks a lot like Windows Phone Live Tiles. And hey, that looks like an app store.
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