fqrouter是一个Android 安卓手机翻墙工具,现在更新到2.11.0版。默认使用的是一些公共代理,但是为了更加安全,你自己有代理服务器,也可以进入Settings自己添加。支持的代理协议有:GoAgent,SSH, HTTP代理,WEBVPN 以及 ShadowSocks。



Google Play 鏈接:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fq.router2

请访问 https://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/fqrouter/fqrouter-latest.html 获取最新版本。

What's fqrouter

It is a software designed to help you circumvent Great Firewall of China (GFW). Fqrouter has a number of public proxies built-in, so it works out of box by just one click. It works on Android mobile, without ROOT permission. If ROOT permission is given, it can also run as "router". Being router means, not only the Android mobile running fqrouter is able to access restricted websites, it can "share" the free internet to other devices.

GFW Circumvention

fqrouter use the following methods concurrently to circumvent GFW:
  1. Bypass: scramble TCP protocol, to avoid URL keyword filtering
  2. Bypass: scramble HTTP protocol, to avoid URL keyword filtering
  3. Bypass: manually query DNS to resolve correct ip to avoid DNS hijacking
  4. Bypass: resolving google.com to not blocked ip to avoid SSL packet drop
  5. Proxy: GoAgent/SSH/HTTP/SPDY/Shadowsocks
fqrouter can bypass GFW, but there are cases (IP blocked) fqrouter has to fallback to use proxy. To maximize the stability and speed, fqrouter will try to use proxies smartly:
  1. Direct Access: for China ip
  2. Direct Access: direct connection is tried first, use proxy only if direct access blocked
  3. Fallback: one proxy died will fallback to another, without corrupting the connection
  4. Fallback: when scrambler not working, fallback to proxy transparently
  5. Load balancing: proxies used in round robin way

Free Internet Sharing

There are a number of ways to share free inter net to other devices via fqrouter.
  1. wifi in => fqrouter => wifi out (A.K.A wifi repeater)
  2. Pick & Play
  3. 3G in => fqrouter => wifi out (Android built-in)
  4. 3G/wifi in => fqrouter => usb out (Android built-in)
  5. 3G/wifi in => fqrouter => bluetooth out (Android built-in)
  6. lan in => fqrouter => wifi out (some set-top box)
Wifi repeater is a unique feature, however it requires hardware/driver support
Pick & Play scan the devices in your LAN, and forge the default gateway to redirect their traffic via fqrouter


fqrotuer project was started as a ROM for tplink-wr703n, a mini wireless router capable of running 3rd party OS OpenWRT. At that time, I did not believe it is possible to make Android mobile phone as wireless router. But after the discovery of ways to start wifi hotspot concurrently with normal wifi connection on Android phones, the development focus then shifted from OpenWRT to Android. However, the support of OpenWRT is still on my radar, home wifi-router running OpenWRT is still the best platform for infrastructure deployment, such as Home/Office.

  • Android 4.0以下,未ROOT - 暂时不支持
  • Android 4.0以下,已ROOT - 一键翻墙, Pick & Play (共享翻墙网络给局域网内的其他机器),其他系统自带的网络分享方式
  • Android 4.0以上,未ROOT - 一键翻墙
  • Android 4.0以上,已ROOT - 一键翻墙, Pick & Play,无线中继(需要硬件支持),其他系统自带的网络分享方式
  • 墙外: http://fqrouter.tu mblr.com/android-latest
  • 墙内: https://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/fqrouter/fqrouter-latest.apk
  • 邮件获取1: 发送任意内容邮件到want.fqrt@gmail.com (地址可以变化为w.a.n.t.fqrt@gmail.com,点可以任意加在任意地方)
  • 邮件获取2: 如果你的邮件地址是zhang@163.com,那么把zhang.at.163.com.want.fqrouter.com拷贝到浏览器的地址栏,然后访问(不会有任何页面出来),邮件片刻之后就会发送到zhang@163.com。使用任何其他方式解析zhang.at.163.com.want.fqrouter.com可以获得同样效果,比如在windows命令行里nslookup zhang.at.163.com.want.fqrouter.com。请把zhang@163.com替换成你的邮箱。
穿墙翻墙: 进入程序界面之后fqrouter会自动运行。第一运行需要部署文件时间会比较长。失败的话点report error发送错误报� ��给我。启动成功的话会提示"Started, f**k censorship",这个时候切换到浏览器就可以自由上网了,无需再按任何按键,放在后台运行即可。不用时请退出fqrouter,点击exit按钮(Android 2.3的设备需要按菜单键才能看到该按钮)。
无线中继: 启动成功之后,勾选"Share Free Internet as Wifi Network",启动无线中继的热点。启动成功之后用其他设备搜索无线会发现一个名字叫fqrouter的无线网络,密码是12345678。失败的话点report error发送错误报告给我。不是所有的手机能够启动无线中继分享翻墙无线网络,具体启用条件参见: http://fqrouter.tumblr.com/post/47259845553。关于无线中继的技术细节,有兴趣的可以阅读: http://fqrou ter.tumblr.com/post/46855887676/android
Pick & Play: 对于因为硬件原因无法启动无线中继的手机,也有办法把翻墙网络共享给其他设备使用。在主界面按菜单键,点击Pick & Play。扫描列表出局域网里的其他设备之后,点击你所需要的设备,就可以让那台设备科学上网。再次点击取消,目标设备的网络自动回到初始状态。
  • 联想P770
  • 中兴N880E
  • Kindle Fire 一代
  • Nexus 4 (特别感谢 C.KH Vincent 来来回回无数次的发log)
  • 三星Galaxy S2 (非常感谢 Ka Hei Chan 的报告)
  • 三星Galaxy S3 (非常感谢 Ginny Wang 的报告)
  • 小米2 (非常感谢 hentai无双 的报告)
  • HTC One X (非常感谢 Strachwitz Hines 的报告)
  • 小米1(bcm4329的芯片原因)