Access Flickr! 1.5


by Hamed Saber

Bypasses the filter in Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China and other banned countries and places...

كافيه اين رو نصب كنيد. هيچ تنظيماتي لازم نيست. همه چيز خود به خود انجام مي‌شه. فقط نصبش مي‌كنيد، فايرفاكس رو ريستارت مي‌كنيد و ...
فليكر ديگه فيلتر نيست


Just install the extension and restart your browser. There is no configuration, no menu, no icon... All needed configurations are done automatically!
After restarting, you can access, without any restriction!

Read more about me on "Ten Percent":

And an interview about this extension on "Global Voices":

History: In my country (Iran), unfortunately, the is banned. I'm a fan of that photo-archive website, so I wrote this extension just to help my dear friends who can not access from Iran.

Please send your bug reports to this discussion thread:
or send me an email to (hsaber [at] gmail [dot] com)

Works with:
  • Firefox Firefox: 2.0a1 – 3.0a5

Version 1.5 — June 2, 2007 — 18 KB

This new version will no longer support Firefox versions below 2.
Get the latest version of Firefox here:

اين ورژن ديگه از فايرفاكس‌هاي قديمي پشتيباني نميكنه
آخرين ورژن فايرفاكس رو از اينجا دانلود كنيد

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